Your first consult

No two therapists or therapies are the same.

This can make finding the right one for you daunting. To help you combat this I’m giving you the chance to find out about INDIGO Computerised Homeopathic Frequency Therapy FREE of charge.

A complimentary 30 minute consultation will give you the opportunity to ask questions in relation to your specific health needs, and learn more about this sophisticated health tool.

Call me on 8294 3265 and we’ll set up a time.

There is no obligation, no pressure and no risk.

It’s a casual way to learn more about this energetic therapy and why it’s so popular.




If you decide to commence with INDIGO frequency therapy,  you will need to allow approximately 90 minutes for a treatment session.

You will be connected to the computer via a comfortable head harness and wrist and ankle straps.  It is surprisingly relaxing and certainly pain free.  Some people experience a mild tingling during therapy, but it is not uncomfortable.  Once the computer has interpretted your personal electro-dermal responses to many healing frequency stimuli,  we now help to retrain your body by sending these tailored frequency therapys to your body via the same harness’s and straps.  Again this is totally safe, pain-less and quite relaxing.

To learn more, call 8294 3265