The QX (INDIGO) Therapy has changed my life. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 16 years old. I was in so much pain and was on a heavy dose of drugs to reduce the pain. Because Iwas taking so many drugs, it was affecting other parts of my body.  I have had no pain in my joints for over 6 months and I have stopped taking medication completely. With the QX Therapy and the Amega Wand my well-being has improved and other health problems have improved.

I have been seeing Catie for approximately one year and a half and in that short period of time she has helped me so much. She has improved my life! I have had a lot of other problems in my life and Catie is always there to listen and help you through the problems. She is not only my Naturopath, but also a good friend that I can always turn to.

- Adrianna Agostino – Beautician

I was in a terrible place mentally when I first met Catie. Grief, Anxiety, Stress, Depression.. you name it!!!! After just one session of QX therapy I just knew Catie & her computer were the answer to my problems. I started to sleep better. I started to have happier thoughts. I began to see the light at the end of the long dark tunnel, & my energy levels were through the roof. Thanks to Catie, I have found myself again

- Trudy B – Sign language Interpreter

I had been experiencing an irregular sleeping pattern for quite some time, my digestion just wasn’t right and my general state of mood was quite low.  From my 1st treatment my mood improved significantly.  I left noticing i felt happier and more lighter and continued to do so with every session.  After my 2nd treatment I was quite shocked as I had slept through the night for the first time in years!!!  i began waking up early mornings with ease  My 4th treatment I was given insight as to just what was happeneing in my gut and what food my body was needing to improve my digestion and it was correct!  I couldn’t believe the results and how the feedback was so accurate and the treatment so effective! After searching for years for help without success, I finally found a treatment that was a hit and hit, rather than a hit and miss!!!  Catie – love your work!!  Thank you

- Vickie Drummond

- Sam Okely – Uni Student

My mum first sent me to Catie at the age of 16, when I fell
into the state of low self-esteem and onset depression. I still remember that
first day I didn’t want to go; however with her warm and loving nature she made
me feel so welcome and happy as soon as I walked into her clinic. Not knowing
much about what she did, she went into a lot of detail about how the machine
works and explained what was happening in my body that affected my mood. After a
repeat of follow up sessions over many weeks, I was back to my normal self and
my family noticed a positive difference in me. I’m now 20 years old and find
myself seeing Catie about 3-4 times a year as soon as I feel a change in body
and to build up my immune system. Her sessions are not only helping me in my hormone
body balance, it’s a friendship. I love how I feel after seeing Catie and the
fact that when I go there it’s like talking to a friend.

- Stacey Jaensch – student

“After months of searching for the answers to an undiagnosed health condition that was seeing me rapidly decline into a constant state of extreme tiredness, anxiety and exhaustion, I stumbled into the Tune in to Health clinic and upon seeing my state of health Catie almost immediately began my QX (INDIGO) treatments.

The QX (INDIGO) program was so accurate , it was able to detect a pinched nerve and it was later confirmed that this was the problem which had been causing me so much grief. Following diagnosis and a few targeted QX sessions I have made a complete recovery. To this day I remain happy, healthy and filled with energy. From time to time, I’ll pop in for a tune up and keep myself on track, it’s fantastic.

The QX (iINDIGO) program has been able to help me beyond my expectations and the professional help provided by Catie was second to none. I feel great…. and would recommend this to anyone interesting in trying it.”

- Dawn – Adelaide Airport

- Jasmine Duggan – School Student

- Sanja Stojcic – Event co-ordinator

- Cary Ramsay – Refrigeration Electrician

I was one of the first to have treatment with Catie nearly 10 years ago and have been impressed with the results for myself and the many friends and family members that I have recommended it for also.

QX has been a great help in combating hot flushes that arise during menopause. After a treatment I feel much more alive and the hot flushes disappeared.  When I am feeling ‘flat’ a QX treatment gives me the pick up that I need.

I can thoroughly recommend it.

- Kathy Cody – Admin Manager