Indigo Frequency Therapy

If you are experiencing symptoms this means your body is using large amounts of energy on attempting to heal and recover. But if you are not getting any better you might need to help your body by giving it a wake up reminder with the specific healing frequencies it needs, so it can re-learn to function properly.

Unlike other treatment options INDIGO Computerised Homeopathic Frequency Therapy works by using the correct healing frequency individually tailored for you. This gently stimulates your internal body back to balance so it can heal.

Traditionally Homeopathy is famous for treating the Physical, mental and emotional aspects of your whole system. The tricky part is knowing the right remedy/s for you.

Computerised Homeopathic Frequency therapy takes away the hard “guess-work” of what healing frequencies are best for you. By connecting to the computer with a special band around your forehead, we can measure the subtle response your nervous system has to multiple healing frequency stimuli re-created through the computer.

Then we deliver the correct healing frequencies back to your system via biofeedback technology. You are administered your tailored frequency therapy via the headband. This directly stimulates or “wakes-up” the different parts on your internal body that are not functioning properly.

It doesn’t do the work for your body, so you are not creating a dependency or reliance.. Rather it helps to retrain your own system to work properly.

It’s subtle and you don’t feel a thing. It’s a bit like a radio station where we can hear the music but we can’t feel the frequency. And just like a radio stations we can turn the dial to find the correct frequency for you to kick start those that are not operating properly. This could include

  • Organ functionality
  • Malabsorption of nutrition
  • Hormonal deficiency
  • Brain chemistry imbalance
  • Digestive problems
  • Nervous System Stress
  • plus many more


We focus on your nervous system which is like electrical wiring sending signals to other areas of your body, we can work out how we can make the biggest impact in the shortest time. We reveal the area’s that are hurting your health.

Quantum Physics provides the science for the heart of energetic medicine. It has shown us that the human system operates according to the laws of quantum physics and energetics. Our emotions, thoughts, physical health and wellness all have characteristics of electromagnetic waveform. Technology now can use sensitive computers which are able to address the vast mathematical equations of quantum physics to bring ancient healing arts into the 21st century, making them available to all.

Illness – is an energetic disturbance

Every cell has an energetic pattern. Different cell types as well as healthy and dysfunctional cells have different energy patterns and transmissions. Each organ, each energy meridian, each Chakra and each emotion has characteristic patterns. Just like different radio stations have different frequencies, different organs have different waveforms.

From a single cell, carrying an intelligent blueprint our complete body can be created. Each cell within us carries the whole of that intelligent energy. It remembers and never loses the capacity. It’s just that sometimes it needs a reminder that it has that knowledge.

Giving the body the true, healthy patterns enhances wellness and facilitates recovery from illness.