About Catie Speight

I remember deciding I wanted a job that was enjoyable, fun and rewarding. I also wanted to be surrounded by people who were impressed with the service I was providing. So rather than become an acrobat – like you can see in this photo of me with my brothers on dress up day at school. My younger brother Andrew is in the middle and my twin brother Jon is the Clown with an ice cream cone hat!!

There’s some significant things that I feel guided me towards being a Naturopath. From a young age I was exposed to natural, alternative and often ‘weird’ therapies that my Mum researched, tried and dabbled in to assist my younger brother who had an intellectual disability.

I grew up in Renmark which is a beautiful country town on the Murray River, and as a teenager I was fortunate to have a part-time job in the local Pharmacy. I enjoyed my job, and enjoyed the interaction with the regular customers but soon realised we only saw people who were sick. And the same families seem to be getting sick with the same problems over and over.

For a short time we had a visiting Naturopath at the Pharmacy on Saturday mornings. I was sincerely impressed with how many of our customers were returning after a few weeks of taking his advice that they were feeling better, sleeping better, losing weight and experiencing less pain.

I remember thinking wouldn’t it be great if I was seeing people return because they were getting better, healthier and happier. And the seed was planted.

My approach involves an overall understanding of how the body is connected and this includes our thoughts and emotions. I keep it simple to understand because it doesn’t have to be complicated. I have people say to me that they never understood what was happening in their body because the doctors talked “jargon”.

I wouldn’t call myself a health “nut” as I enjoy the luxuries of like as much as anyone. I love to enjoy a glass of wine with friends and find it hard to say no to any dining out invitation. But I believe with moderation and an understanding of the needs of the body, we shouldn’t have to revert to extremes in order to maintain balance. And it’s finding the right balance for you and listening to your body when it’s struggling, so you can help ward of complications and illness.

I started consulting in Glenelg in 2001, and have enjoyed being involved in this incredible industry and being a part of people’s results and progress.