Don’t buy any more Vitamins until you’ve experienced Homeopathic Frequency Therapy…

Because great health can be yours sooner, without being complicated, restrictive or expensive!!

INDIGO Homeopathic Frequency therapy is different to most Naturopathic therapy and to many treatment options you are familiar with, which is why we offer a FREE introductory consultation!

“What a relief it is to finally experience true Wellbeing, without taking 100′s of tablets. I had tried EVERYTHING and spent 100′s of dollars trying to help insomnia, mood swings and lethargy. After seeing Catie I noticed an improvement almost immediately!! I feel great and my husband is really grateful” Margie Vertoli – Mortgage Broker

Do you lack Energy and Vitality?

Are you being treated for your condition but still feel sick and tired?

Have you tried almost everything?

INDIGO Frequency therapy is very different to traditional Herbal, Nutritional or Homeopathic medicine

INDIGO Homeopathic Frequency Therapy helps with:

Digestive complaints
– constipation, reflux, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome

Immune Weakness
- auto-immune conditions, Chronic Fatigue, re-current infections

Hormonal Imbalances
- PMS, Menopause, Irregular or painful periods

Mental/Emotional problems
- Depression, anxiety, stress, mood swings

If you have been diagnosed with an illness or you just don’t feel “right”, Homeopathic Frequency Therapy can help. It’s pain-less, easy and doesn’t require you to buy lots of tablets.

“My digestion was getting worse and worse. At first I cut out bread which helped, but then I felt bloated after dairy and would get thrush if I ate too much sugar. I was sick of even more elimination diets and more supplement regimes. After getting frequency treatments with Catie my digestion was “woken – up” to be able to work the way it used to. Now I don’t need to take any reflux medication and I have a flat tummy again – thank you Catie” Nina Freeman – Childcare worker